Great Vehicles for New Jersey Winter Weather

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We experience some harsh weather during winter around our Pleasantville Subaru dealership, which is why so many drivers come to us when they need a car ready for tough conditions. Subaru models excel in snow, ice, and cold, and that capability comes from the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system that is standard on all but one Subaru model. Our new Subaru inventory near Atlantic City includes a range of all-wheel drive sedans and SUVs that are ready for all that winter driving conditions bring with them. If you're looking for a winter-ready vehicle, read below about some of our new…

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Favorite SUVs for Egg Harbor Township Drivers

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Subaru SUVs have made many fans over the years, especially among Egg Harbor Township drivers that crave capability, value, and safety. Our new Subaru SUVs highlight all of these qualities and more that we know are on the lists of many car shoppers. There's a range to our new Subaru SUV offers, and if you want to find out which one is right for you, you can keep reading or visit our Subaru dealer serving Egg Harbor Township!

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Drivers Favorite Safety Features of Subaru Models

When you drive, you want to make sure you're properly covered with ample safety features and that's why so many Egg Harbor Township drivers continue to rely on Subaru vehicles. At Kerbeck Subaru, we have Subaru vehicles that possess an onslaught of impressive safety features that continue to keep you and yours safe as you travel around Pleasantville. 

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Best Vehicles for New Jersey Winters

Are you in the market for a new vehicle for the winter weather that we receive in New Jersey? In Pleasantville, we get ice and snow that only a Subaru vehicle can combat. Luckily for you at Kerbeck Subaru, we have a comprehensive inventory of new Subaru vehicles that we are sure you'll enjoy. Don't be caught off guard this season, get yourself into a Subaru vehicle today.


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How to Prepare Your Subaru for Cold Weather

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Common Winter Service Tips

  • Change your oil regularly
  • Check your battery
  • Swap your tires for winter-rated tires
  • Ensure you get regular washes to remove salt and dirt buildup

These are by no means the only things that you can do to ensure that you're ready for winter here in the Egg Harbor Township area. Winter can be hard on any vehicle, but thankfully Subaru's are designed to handle it all. Thanks to having symmetrical all-wheel drive standard on nearly every single model, you'll be able to have confidence and peace of mind when you set out on…

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Get Your Oil Changed Near Atlantic City

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Importance of Oil Changes

Maintains Engine Lubrication

Your engine is made of hundreds of moving parts and to keep those parts running smoothly, you need to regularly change your oil with fresh, clean, and weather-appropriate oil. As your pistons, valves, and gears move, they create heat from friction and having fresh, clean oil will reduce friction and lessen your chance of having pricey repairs down the line in the Egg Harbor Township area.


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