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Six Important Winterization Tips for New Jersey Drivers

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We just dived into November, but it's never too early (in late fall, at least) to get prepped for winter.

We've put together our top six tips for getting your Subaru winter-ready. Thanks to standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive on most every model, you're already most of the way to being ready for whatever winter can throw at you.

For the rest, your local Pleasantville Subaru service center is here to help.

Here are our six winterization tips for NJ drivers:

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Trust Your Subaru Oil Changes to our Service Experts

At Kerbeck Subaru, we always stress the importance of following a regular, consistent schedule when it comes to maintaining your Subaru. Perhaps the most important procedure is an oil change since routine oil changes are a vital element in adding years to the amount of time your Subaru delivers top-notch driving enjoyment.

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Service Your Vehicle with a Team You Trust at Kerbeck Subaru

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​Is your Subaru nearing its next service interval? Are your brakes making suspicious sounds? Have you lost track of how long that check engine light has been on? Whether your vehicle is due for its routine checkup or something unexpected popped up in between its usual service intervals, we can help you get your car, truck, or SUV back into great shape so you can round every corner with confidence.

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Schedule Winter Service at Kerbeck Subaru

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​Winter is tough on your Subaru. Cold weather can have all kinds of nasty effects ranging from problems with your car's fluids to issues with your battery and more. And that's without considering the destructive potential of road salt. If your vehicle has recently suffered damage or wear because of winter's bad attitude, don't worry! Our service center at Kerbeck Subaru can help your car feel like new again.

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The Importance of Winterizing your Vehicle

Subaru models are known to be some of the best when it comes to traveling in the winter. Their Symmetrical All-Wheel drive and plethora of safety features were designed for traveling in harsh conditions, but even the most seasoned Subaru model needs to be winterized in order to make the best of the season. At Kerbeck Subaru we are ready to help you get in the direction of having a vehicle that can take on any weather, our service center will make sure of it.

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