What Is X-MODE® in the Subaru Outback?


X-MODE® comes standard for the new Outback, offering Mays Landing drivers peace of mind, safety, and driving enjoyment. In addition to the incredible capabilities of the Outback's symmetrical all-wheel drive system, X-MODE® works with the advanced stability and traction features of the Outback to optimize traction and control.

Find out what exactly X-MODE® can do and how it can improve your daily driving in the Absecon area.


If you’re looking for more assurance, control, and safety for commuting in the Atlantic City area, then the Outback with X-MODE® could be the answer for you. When you're about to head into particularly slippery conditions, you can press the X-MODE® switch to optimize the Outback's traction.

X-MODE® activates five different forms of control to limit slipping tires. These forms of control include:


A lower gear means stronger delivery of power, so X-MODE® keeps the shifting pattern in the lower gears so that Egg Harbor Township drivers have the most access to power when they need it.

Engine Throttle

In your day-to-day driving, when you press down on the accelerator pedal the throttle opens up. However, when you're driving in difficult conditions, too much power up front could spin your wheels and create a worse situation. X-MODE® is designed to make the throttle open up gradually. With the gradual increase of torque, X-MODE® can navigate slippery conditions smoothly.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive is improved by raising the front/rear coupling force when X-MODE® is on, allowing for a more even distribution of power to the four wheels and maximizing power.

Vehicle Dynamics Control

The VDC system works with X-MODE® for a specially tuned "Enhanced LSD Control." This applies braking to wheels that are behaving differently from their corresponding wheels.

Hill Descent Control

At low speeds, Hill Descent Control helps maintain the Outback's starting speed for safer driving while the braking and throttle are managed automatically.


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