What Is Symmetrical AWD in the Outback?


The Outback, like many Subaru models, comes with Subaru's legendary symmetrical all-wheel drive system. Like many all-wheel drive drivetrains, Egg Harbor Township drivers can expect greater traction and control, but what makes the Outback's symmetrical AWD system different is its symmetrical design and incredible capabilities.

Find out what makes the symmetrical AWD system unique and what its capabilities are.


The symmetrical AWD is symmetrically laid out in a straight line with the horizontally opposed engine perfectly balanced in the middle. This allows for all four wheels to have an even weight distribution, which optimizes the hugging property of each tire for an exceptional driving performance.

The transmission is located near the center of the vehicle as well as the light, compact design of the engine with its low center of gravity, all of which contribute to superior weight distribution and low inertia when turning or braking for smooth handling.

What this translates into for Atlantic City drivers, is that you will not only be able to drive in rough conditions and off-road, but all aspects of your driving will improve. Even if you are driving on dry pavement in the Absecon area, you will still experience more control and reduced body-roll when driving.

When Mays Landing drivers choose symmetrical AWD, they will see how much better their handling and control since the system can sense a loss of traction and instantly send torque to the wheels with the most traction. Unlike four-wheel drive systems, the symmetrical AWD system only engages when it is needed, saving you gas money as well as taking the guesswork out when you will need extra traction.


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If you want to learn more about the symmetrical AWD system in the Outback, then schedule a test drive today and experience what it is like behind the wheel!

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