The Importance of Winterizing your Vehicle

Subaru models are known to be some of the best when it comes to traveling in the winter. Their Symmetrical All-Wheel drive and plethora of safety features were designed for traveling in harsh conditions, but even the most seasoned Subaru model needs to be winterized in order to make the best of the season. At Kerbeck Subaru we are ready to help you get in the direction of having a vehicle that can take on any weather, our service center will make sure of it.

An important aspect to check is your tires, they are what make sure you can make the most out of your AWD system. If you are in an area that sees snow regularly, you need to choose winter-specific tires, they will keep you gripped the best they can when the road is covered with snow or ice patches. Snow tires don’t make you invincible in the winter, you still need to be cautious of the conditions, but they will give you the best chance in the toughest weather. A multipoint inspection will cover all of the most vital components, including your battery, which suffers when it is cold out, and the weather will expedite the any problems from a faulty one.

Coming to our dealership will make sure you can take advantage of seasonal maintenance. You might even find that what you want done is being offered as a service special, getting you what you need at the best price. We encourage you to visit our dealership so that we can make sure your vehicle is ready to take on winter.

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